Gynecomastia Treatment

Gynecomastia is a common imperfection that manifests by the increase in the size of male breast tissue and developing a "breast" in men causing an obvious embarrassment in those who are affected. Gynecomastia can be due to an excessive glandular tissue growth (known as True Gynecomastia), fat tissue growth (Pseudogynecomastia) or both (Mixed Gynecomastia). Surgical approaches include, depending on disease grade and classification, the use of liposuction, the surgical removal of glandular breast tissue (adenomammectomy) or the combining of both techniques. The surgery takes place under local anesthesia, local anesthesia in addition to sedation or under general anesthesia depending on the breasts size to be corrected and the patient's preferences. The result is permanent and lasting: the removed tissue hasn't tendency to come back, unless there are no hormonal imbalance or a major weight gain.